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Urban Kids Under 5’s Drop in takes place every Tuesday during term time at WECH Community Centre (entrance through Chantry Close W9, off Elgin Ave).

We are open from 9.30am-Midday. The hall is spacious with a kitchen attached to it, allowing easy and safe access to making drinks and preparing fruit for snack times. Once a term, our group of Childminders hold a meeting where we all take an active role in planning activities that tie into the Early Years Foundation Stage. Part of that is also celebrating festivals that are representative of our multicultrural community.

All parents and Carers are welcome to come and join us. We ask for a £1 donation which goes towards fruit, drinks and cleaning products for the drop in. For further information, please contact SARAH

All–Nations runs for two days a week.

Bravington children centre on a Wednesday 9:30am-11:45am. Beethoven centre is on a Thursday 10-12.

I, Pepe Mykoo set up the group 8 years ago because, as a parent who was looking for a childminder at the time, I was faced with a long list and I didn’t know where to begin. To overcome the fear of handling over my own children I needed to create an environment which allowed parents and carers to interact in a relaxed child friendly atmosphere. This then gives parents the chance to meet childminders face to face. The session runs for 2 hours the set up covers all the areas of a child’s development from physical, creative, social and emotions, from birth to age 5. It runs all year round except for the month of August and Christmas holidays. This group is able to offer parents advice on nurseries, schools and children health problems.

It has links with the local library and we are able to point parents in the direction of other services available.

Cost of attending is £1.50.

It covers, equipment tea and coffee and sometimes a slice of cake.

Contact: Pepe on: 07960 083 553

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